Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday, deals and more deals

I am currently on my 2nd Sugar-Free crack in a can aka Red Bull, just trying to get physically motivated to do some early bird shopping at Toys 'R' Us because yeah Santa needs to get some good deals in for Christmas. I'm trying to get her of course a big ticket item, and then some other items. The stocking stuffer ones will be on Christmas Eve. Sorry I LOVE Christmas Eve sales, and that's usually when I get some good things to put under the tree. This post is the beginning of my journey, which I plan to edit with my haul from the Land of Geoffrey the Giraffe. Let's see how well I am can shop for $100. :-) Okay I can see the sun, so let me get some type of workout done before I turn that blickey into Supermarket Sweep. lol (for the "old heads" check the video; my bff/ AJ's Godmother and I said we were gonna turn that place out)


Kiianah said...

Ms. Jazzy I could NOT endure black friday this year, I am sooo exhausted from Thanksgiving itself. I was, however up until 6 am this morning making online purchases, lol.

Divafied Mama said...

LOL You know what I wish I did shop online because I at least would have received the savings I was expecting. I did save about $30 on toys, but I'm still missing her ATV. I had to smuggle her toys in my Granny's attic so we can do operation Santa Claus. lol your savings on! :-)

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