Thursday, September 30, 2010

So this is what daughters want their fathers to talk about

I will say I didn't want to have this type of talk with my father. He even gets uncomfortable even when I make little jokes with innuendos so much that I have to tell them via my mother lol. Times have changed because last night my father told me to go on AOL's website to look for an article. I was like okay so where should I look? Ol' Man (that's what I call him): I'm on the page about exercises to improve your sex life *pause cringe* Me: Daddy...what?!?! lol Ol' Man: Look down for the article titled "Daughters want their fathers to talk about." Me: *sigh* Okay I'll pass it to him. So I proceeded to click open the link for the article Daughters Say Dads Should Prepare them More, then I chuckled, and read it off to my husband. DH: (growling) WHAT DOES HE WANT ME TO READ?!?!
So, long story short my husband was very uncomfortable with even having to repeat the title. He literally turned orange LOL, and told me okay when she's 14 I'll tell her. I had to break it down to him that then might be too late. Then he growled at me with the "WHAT?!?!," and I had to remind him of the nights I would cry after talking to some of these 12 year old. And how we needed to let our AJ know once she hits puberty that she needs to know about how to control her hormones, and urges. Grant it she's two, but she'll be 10 before we know it. I knew about my menstrual cycle, where babies came from and about sex before I was 8 years old. Honestly I asked questions, and it didn't hurt that I would use my mother's the Birthing stages book all way up to the time of crowning (used it as a coloring book lol).

My question is when is too soon to tell your daughters/sons?


Naturally Kiki J. said...

You can gradually prepare her and not give it to her all at once, lol! I know when my dad gave me that talk, I was 21 and taking the 7 hour drive back from home from college. It was too late by then. Everything I learned about sex and sexuality was either through the media or friends and they were just as blind as I was. I think parents can do a lot better job at teachingtheir kids about sex. It may be uncomfortable, but it would be even more uncomfortable attending a funeral, having to stroke a child's esteem because they have to live with a disease or bringing an unexpected mouth to feed home ;) Catch my drift?

Divafied Mama said...

I definitely catch your drift, and I plan to tell her soon. Her father might be like your father, but a 7 hr drive. LOL You and I are too much alike so I know you were like "okay let it die like now." lol You probably were receptive to it, but my ol' man is just awkward when it comes to conversations like there. your savings on! :-)

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