Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hides ya kids, hide ya wife 'cuz there's gonna be a flood tonight

Okay so today is the day that Noah's Ark needs to be assembled because it is raining in the DMV...HARD! There's a storm system that was supposed to be Tropical Storm Julia coming from the Bahamas (blows on conch shell), and it's hitting the eastern seaboard. So, for fear of my baby girl turning into Dorothy on her way to school today we're turning it into an all girls day in the house. Mommy's off,  enjoying my "high" of getting a 90 on my e-marketing case analysis paper, and I say what the heck let's make today about her and I. We haven't had days like that since July, which is a year in Mommy time lol. Her and I will be 1) deep conditioning and dancing (a good way for me to use that body heat of hers); 2) Princess and the Frog braiding hour; and 3) of course *pause to kiss a boo-boo since she ran into a door* cookies and pizza!!! *pause again to do the Hot Dog Dance* LOL
The result of our last Girls Day in a happy little toddler on her way to her first day of school.

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