Friday, March 20, 2009

My Friday Evening

I'm usually just sitting back killing time until it's time for Friday Night Smackdown to end (disadvantage of having a husband who is a former pro-wrestler lol). Since I'm trying my best to get back into the blogging swing, I decided to look up some of my favorite artists to add to my playlist. As you can see I'm an eclectic chick, and oh my sweet gentle goodness I found my girl Res! I loved her style, and she was an inspiration for me to go natural (the first time I did at least). I had to add her to my FB profile tonight, but I must also share her starter video ("Golden Boys") on here as well. I even found out that her and one of the best hip-hop artists out here (Talib Kweli) put together a band, Idle Warship (I'm late so what lol).
I think we're going to have a very cool weekend in the T household!

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