Saturday, October 18, 2008

Okay so it's HBCU Homecoming time

I mean for some reason these three weekends in October are the busiest on the Chitlin' Circuit. My old alma mater, Delaware State University's (DSU aka State) is this weekend, and I so wish I was there. I did promise myself that I would at least go to next year's since that marks ten years for me. Hopefully that would be the same for the friends that I made up there around that time. Also this weekend is HU's (Howard University) homecoming, and of course DC is flooded with Superstars, and Georgia Avenue has to be pumpin'. Umm yeah I did say pumpin', but that's like really the only way to describe. All of the older alumni are generally gone since they've been around for the parade, pre-gaming (hey they needed to after losing to us Bears), tailgating, and now they're probably getting ready for their gala. LOL, you know what is so sad, that will be me in probably another 10 years, at 36 trying to sober/rest up before I go to our gala.
One thing one must know about going around partying it up on campus or around the campus (in Howard's case) is to not travel alone. I swear up and down, people do it out of need to at least be apart of the festivities. This is not the safest thing because you never know what might happen. I know when my friends and I decided to go walking up and down Georgia Ave. I would say around the time when most of the folks were getting ready to go to the club, and those of us who weren't 21 (my friends were, I wasn't since my bday is at the end of the year). So, we ran into some folks that I really wasn't trying to re-associate with, but they were almost like our body guards. So, we're just chit-chatting along, and some random guy walks up and asked us if we saw his boy's camera. By the time we said "what the eff? camera" there was a let me just set the scene for you. Think of Cedric the Entertainer was in the middle of a sentence on the Kings of Comdey, and just ran. Yeah that was all of us, lol. I can laugh at it now, but one of my friend's was wearing her pumps was almost up the hill to where we parked by the time we started running. The guys who were our "bodyguards" were ghost! lol The next morning after we found a hotel party, we heard about a guy getting shot by the Georgia Avenue McDonalds (where were posted). I was with my friends, but just think about how that would have been if you were by yourself.
Another thing, please do not go around getting faded. That's a no go even when you're not around for Homecoming. If you are a young lady (or man) going around intoxicated in a public crowd, believe some trouble can and will happen. I remember staying on campus, and seeing so many friends turn into enemies once that alcohol was in their system. Yeah homecoming is a time to have fun, relive memories, but it is not a time to go around like a staggering drunkard. It's not cute, and it's not safe...also it can lead you to doing things that you wouldn't have thought of doing without your judgement being clouded.
Okay, I know this one is cliche', but damnit it has to be said. Watch what you are a wearing. Do not, I repeat DO NOT wear something with a lot of pockets. If you are a man, make sure that you have either plastic, or a money clip in that handy 3rd/cell phone pocket. Ladies, make sure that you only carry what you need for your emergency fund (you know that convient $20 used for the emergency taxi), and that you only carry plastic as well. Do not wear a bag on anywhere but your shoulder ZIPPED up. When I say plastic, that doesn't mean just a credit card, but also your check card. One thing that I do with my cards is write see picture ID, this prevents people from having that opportunity to do F2F theft (face to face). Online that's something different, but also make sure that after an event such as homecoming call that 1-800 number on the back of your card say that Tuesday. You never know what some of those vendors do with those credit card machines. Okay and yes ladies you are not excluded, you need to watch what you wear. Yeah it's your perogative, but you also need to make sure that some guys these days don't take no for an answer. There are more violent crimes towards women these days, and just try to not make yourself an open target for harassment. I know for some of us it doesn't matter what you're wearing, you will still have the lewd drunk dude trying to humiliate you while you turn him down. Good thing if you're on your off day, you'll have those timbs and sweats on handy lol. Honestly, as much as I like to flaunt my curves, I just knew better because on my D days, I still had to face harassment, so if I took my twins for a short walk it was going to be a problem. This year I might have them peeking, even though I'll have a 6'3" 250 lbs bodyguard with me aka my husband, lol. I'm the one who he'll probably have to hold back from kicking somebody's ass if he pops out the mouth wrong, lol.
So fulljoy yaself folks, and just use some type of caution!

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