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For all of the mamas

This goes out to the mamas, godmommas, grandmamas, playmamas, step-mamas, lol you get the picture. Well I'm surprised at myself that I did not post anything about the 2008 Amby Awards, but anyways these are the tops products that Mommies around the country gave their raves. Enjoy the list, and if you need anymore information please go to their website (click on the American Baby tab).

1. Boppy
This nursing pillow (helpful for bottle users too) took first place for the sixth year. "It keeps my arms from turning to Jell-O at feedings," explains Latosha Rodgers, of Muncie, Indiana ($30-$60).
2.Fisher-Price Swing
Our readers say they wouldn't get anything done without it. "It gives Mom a break by entertaining or rocking the baby to sleep," says Priscilla Durbin, of Toledo, Ohio ($140).
3. Johnson's Bedtime Line
These lavender-scented skincare products, parents swear, send babies off to dreamland. "They smell so great, calm babies down, and really help them sleep better," writes Tina Roeder, of Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania ($3.50 and up).
4. Desitin
Lots of diaper rash creams get votes, but Desitin is the leader. "It works, and cleanup is so easy," writes Jaime Mayo, of Fort Worth, Texas. It comes in original, creamy, and clear (not shown) varieties (about $6.50 and up).
5. Fisher-Price Jumperoo
This seat for older babies brings smiles to kids and grown-ups alike. "My girl giggles every time she jumps," writes Cathy Conder, of Freeport, Illinois ($80).
*Side note, my AJ loves hers! Yes it was roughly $80, but always look online to compare.*6. Fisher-Price Bouncer
This newborn seat, sold in many designs, has won an AMBY award nine out of 10 years (and once was a runner-up). Angelina Stojakovic, of Danbury, Connecticut, writes simply: "Our baby loves it" ($100).
7. Boudreaux's Butt Paste
When you're looking at a shelf of rash creams, you have to admit that this name stands out. But it wins votes because it "works like a charm," says Kelly Robinson, of Carmichael, California (about $6 and up).
8. Playtex Diaper Genie
This improved version -- Diaper Genie II Elite -- hides more odors than ever. "No more smell, and no more twisting the bag, with the new design," explains Lara Dean, of Vernonia, Oregon ($40).
9. Dr. Brown's Bottles
Parents swear by the unique design. "These do reduce burping, spitting up, and colic," says Cristy Leal, of Pasadena, California ($5 and up). *I must try these since AJ is still doing the bottle thing, but I am tempted.*
10. Bumbo Seat
Parents turn to this when their child graduates from the bouncer. "My baby sits and watches me while I work in the kitchen," says Sara Nelson, of Plumas Lake, California ($40).
11. Medela Pump in Style
Still the most trusted electric breast pump. "Efficient and easy. For me, it made nursing for over a year possible with all three kids," writes Sherri Martin, of Oglethorpe, Georgia ($280-$330).
I'll have to keep this one in mind when we start planning our next child.
12. Baby Bjorn
Readers rave about the comfort of this carrier. "I get shopping and housework done while my baby sleeps close to me," says Amy Mitchell, of Boise, Idaho ($80-$160).
13. A&D
Fighting diaper rash is a constant, so using a preventive cream becomes a major part of most parents' day. "We use A&D at every change," writes Samantha Goldman, of Delanco, New Jersey (about $5 and up).
14. Balmex
A diaper rash cream can actually have other skincare uses too. "Not only does Balmex prevent and treat diaper rash, but it helped heal my crawler's rug burns," says Heidi Aiken, of Warren, Michigan (about $6 and up).
15. Baby Einstein DVDs
While not every parent likes to admit their baby watches TV, when pressed, almost all moms and dads say these DVDs save them. "It gives me an extra half hour to clean. I pop in Baby Einstein and my 10-month-old is glued to it," says Alisha Easley, of Krebs, Oklahoma ($20 each). I'm all for children having something to occupy their time, but there's controversy about if the videos are actually good for a child (hey I have AJ watch Sesame Street).
Gerber Graduates
While it has never won an AMBY, this ever-expanding line of baby-to-toddler food gets plenty of reader praise each year ($3 and up).
Summer Infant Day and Night Monitor
This handheld video monitor wins raves from the parents who invest in it; being able to see baby as well as hear him helps you know whether he's fully awake or fussing back to sleep ($170).
Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe
Swaddling blankets were off our radar as a must-have until votes for the SwaddleMe came pouring in; we can attest that it makes wrapping a baby a lot simpler ($11 and up). *I loved it until my little She-Hulk successfully found a way to un-swaddle 3 months, lol.*
Gerber NUK
While many pacifiers get AMBY votes, this particular model consistently earns the most reader praise (about $3 and up).
Graco Pack 'n Play
This past AMBY winner is still a high-ranking favorite. Readers love portable cribs for convenience at home and away ($100 and up). *I have already researched these since I do have a co-worker who has limited space. This is the perfect option, and this gives you time to at least have somewhere for your bundle to sleep soundly through the..whenever!*
Similac and Enfamil
Formula-using readers give a grateful shout-out to these two brands every year (each about $20 and up). *We tried the Enfamil Lacto-Free formula, and it gave her so much gas we wanted to find a way to transfer that to our gas tank. We switch to Similac, and our baby is no longer fussy, and the gas comes and goes like any other baby lol. Try for yourself though because as they say "all babies are different."
For more of their reviews on products check this link

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